• A Tartan for Apollo Rising, ca. 1970s
  • 74.5" x 84", Elvacite on canvas
  • Ted Godwin

Artist Information

Ted Godwin
1933 - 2013

Price range: $300-$50,000

1962 Painting at Stratford Exhibition. A painter must be involved as deeply and completely in life as possible for it is only through living that “life” can be assessed, re-arranged, or mirrored. My painting is a process of discovery and evaluation of the internal and external forces I apprehend. These stimuli are re-arranged to become part of my personal vocabulary of abstraction. The success of a work is dependent upon how well the stimulus has been absorbed and the degree of command I have established over the image and the artifices used to create it with.

1965 NMAG Exhibition

My concern while making a painting is in obtaining a cohesive order of a group of images and events. Viewers (I prefer to call them participants) establish rapport at the level of generalities rather than with the events or situations that concerned me while making the work.

A painting should interrupt the surface it is on, posing a confrontation between itself and things animate and inanimate in it’s environment.

​I prefer paintings to be environmental to the extent that the viewer is sufficiently involved in all or some of the external dimensions.

BORN August 13th, 1933 ... Calgary, Alberta


1951-1955 Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Art

Emma Lake Artist’s workshops

1959 Barnett Newman

1960 John Ferren

1964 Jules Olitski

1965 Lawrence Alloway (Admin. coordinator & Participant)


1955 - 1964 Display Artist and Show-card writer

Art Director Television

Neon Sign Designer

Canada Council Grant - Greece 1962-1963

1964 - 2000 University of Regina, Faculty of Fine Arts

EXHIBITIONS (partial list) ..... toured nationally (*)

N.B. Listings are One-Man Exhibitions unless * noted

1955 London, OT - Young Contemporaries (group)*

1958 Calgary, AB - Allied Art Centre

1959 Ottawa, OT. - 3rd Biennial Canadian Art N. Gall.*

1960 Regina, SK - The May Show - N.M.A.G. (group)

1961 Regina, SK - Win Hedore Exhibition - N.M.A.G.

1961 Ottawa, OT - Five Painters From Regina N.G.*

1961 Ottawa, OT- 4th Biennial of Canadian Art N.G.*

1962 Stratford, OT - Shakespere Festival*

1962 Toronto, OT- Three from Regina D. Cameron Gallery Toronto*

1962 Ottawa, OT- Two-Man Show Blue Barn Gall.*

1962 Montreal, P.Q. - Two-Man Show - Mtl. Mus. Fine Art*

1964 Winnipeg, MN- Winnipeg Biennial (group)*

1965 Regina, SK- N.M.A.G.

1965 Ottawa, OT- 6th Biennial Canadian Art*

1966 Winnipeg, MN- Univ. of Man.

1966 Ontario Art Circuit - (touring)

1967 Atlantic Art Circuit - (touring)

1967 Calgary, AB- Allied Art Centre

1967 Fredericton, N.B. - Saskatchewan Painters

Lord Beaverbrook Gallery*

1967 Ottawa, OT - Blue Barn Gallery

1967 Montreal P.Q. - Canadian Pavillion Expo 67 (group)*

1968 Regina, SK- (Tartans) Dunlop Gall

1968 Toronto, OT- Painting 68 AGO (group)*

1968 Winnipeg, MN - The Winnipeg Show W.A.G. (group)*

1968 Regina, SK - Faculty Exhibition NMAG (group)*

1968 Montreal, P.Q. - Selected Sask. Painters Waddington*

1970 Regina, SK - Regina Invitational Exh. NMAG (group)&

1971 Vancouver, BC - Bau-Xi Gallery Selects (group)*

1971 Toronto, OT- York University

1971 Vancouver, BC - Bau-Xi Gallery

1971 Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Art Gall.

1971 Galway, Eire - Two-Person Show (Phyllis & Ted Godwin)

Kenny’s Art Gallery*

1974 Regina, SK - Dying Orchids Perry’s Art Centre

1974 Hamilton, OT- 9 out of 10 (survey excl. Ont.)*

1974 Victoria, BC - Bau-Xi Gallery

1974 Toronto. OT- Ontario Community Collects 1776-1975*

1974 Moose Jaw, SK - Landscapes *

1976 Ottawa, OT- Emma Lake and after Nat. Gall.*

1976 Waterloo, OT- Two Person Show (Phyllis) Univ. Gall.*

1976 Montreal, PQ - Saskatchewan at the Olympics (group)

Mendel Saskatoon - Dunlop - Regina*

1976 Winnipeg, MN- 64-74 Survey - Subway art Gall.

1976 Winnipeg, MN- Rocks, Flowers, Scissors Subway Gall.

1976 Regina, SK - Rocks, Flowers, Scissors & Sculp.

Dunlop Art Gallery

1977 Toronto, OT - Dying Orchids & Tartans Bau-Xi Gall.

1977 Calgary, AB - Canadian Art Gall.

1977 Edmonton, AB- Lefebvre Gallery

1977 Calgary, AB - Western Summer #1 Canadian Art Gall.

1977 Winnipeg, MN - Western Summer #2 Subway Art Gall.

1978 Toronto, OT - Western Summer Bau-Xi Gall.

1978 Calgary, AB - Canadian Art Gall.

1979 Toronto, OT - Bau-XI Gall.

1979 Winnipeg, MN - Phoenix Group sh. Cardigan-Milne Gall.

1979 Vancouver, BC - Bau-Xi Gallery

1980 Toronto, OT - Western Summer #3 - Bau-Xi Gall.

1980 Calgary, AB - Western Summer #4 Canadian Art Gall.

1980 Vancouver, BC - Bau-Xi Gallery

1980 Calgary, AB - Glenbow Art Museum

1980 Calgary & Edmonton, AB - Alberta Now (group tour)*

1980 Calgary, AB - Historical Survey of Watercolour in Alberta

Glenbow Art Museum (group)*

1980 Saskatoon, SK - Saskatchewan Watercolour 1905-1980

Mendel Art Gallery (group)*

1980 Toronto, OT - Western Summer #5 - Daysend on Moab Bau-Xi Gallery

1980 Edmonton, AB - The Big Picture Edmonton Art Gallery*

1981 Vancouver, BC - Western summer #6 Bau-Xi

1981 Regina, SK - Two-person Show (phyllis) Assiniboia G.*

1981 Creemore, OT- The Regina Five 1961-1981 (touring)*

1981 Regina, SK - Faculty Exhibition N.M.A.G. (group)*

1982 Toronto, OT- Spiritscapes Bau-Xi Gallery

1982 Calgary, AB - New Work Canadian Art Gall.

1982 Vancouver, BC - New Work - Bau-Xi Gallery

1983 Toronto. OT - A day on the Highwood Bau-Xi Gall.

1983 Calgary, AB - The Portals - Canadian Art Gall.

1983 Regina, SK - New Work Phyllis and Ted Assiniboia

1984 Toronto, OT- New Work Bau-Xi Gallery

1984 Vancouver, BC - New Work Bau-Xi Gallery

1985 Regina, SK - Phyllis and Ted Assiniboia Gallery

1985 Toronto, OT- Irish series & Ophelia Observed

Bau-Xi Gallery

1985 Calgary, AB - Wild Rice, Lily Pads, & Summer

Breezes - Canadian Art Galleries

1986 Regina, SK- Assiniboia Gallery

1986 Vancouver, BC - Bau-Xi Gallery

1986 Calgary, AB - Founder’s Show Alberta College of Art *

1987 Regina, SK - Wild Rice, Lily Pad, & Summer Breezes

Farewell - Paper works - Assiniboia

1987 Calgary, AB - Wild Rice, Lily Pads, & Summer Breezes

Farewell - Canadian Art Galleries

1988 Toronto, OT- Gallery Moos Limited

1988 Ottawa, OT- National Gallery Inaugural Exhibition*

1988 Calgary, AB - From the Landscape - Alberta College of Art *

1989 Vancouver, BC- Recent Painting Bau-Xi Gallery

1989 Vancouver, BC - Recent Painting Simon Fraser University B.C.

1989 Calgary, AB - Landscape into Painting Alberta College of Art *

1989 Saskatoon, SK - flat Side of the Landscape:

The Emma lake Artist’s Workshops *

Vancouver Art Gallery, Edmonton Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Windsor, and the Mackenzie Art Gallery Regina.*

1992 Regina, SK- Lower Bow (four One Man shows ensemble)

Lower Bow book Launch MacKenzie Art Gallery

1992 Calgary, AB - Lower Bow Canadian Art gallery Mar 10-28

1992 Regina, Sask. - Lower Bow Assiniboia Art Gallery Mar 10-28

1992 Toronto, OT- Lower bow Bau-Xi Gallery Mar. 10-28

1992 Vancouver, BC - Lower Bow Bau-Xi Gallery Mar. 10-28

1992 Toronto, OT McMichael Canadian Art Centre June 28- Sept.13 (group)

1992-94 Quebec City, PQ Crisis of Abstraction Musee de Quebec, National Gallery of Canada Ottawa OT, Mackenzie Art Gallery Regina, SK, Glenbow Museum Calgary, AB, Art Gallery of Hamilton Hamilton, OT

1993 Toronto, OT Zoomorphism - Bau-Xi Gallery February 16 - March 6

1993 Regina, SK Assiniboia Gallery Nov 27 - Dec 11 (3 person Show) Phyllis Godwin, Teddi Dreidiger (daughter) and moi!*

1993 Taejon, Korea Expo 93 Reflecting Paradise*

1993 Calgary, AB New Work - definitely Canadian Art Galleries Dec.4th -31

1993-94 Winnipeg, MN Achieving the Modern - Wpg. Art Gallery, Confederation Art Centre PEI, Mendel Art Gallery Saskatoon SK, Edmonton. Art Gallery AB, Art Gallery of Windsor OT*

1994 Vancouver, BC - Telegraph Cove Bau-Xi Art Gallery Sept. 5 - 24

1994 Mandalas Bau-Xi Van.,

Canadian Art Galleries Calgary,

Assiniboia Art Gallery Regina SK,

Bau-Xi Art Gallery To. OT

1995 50 years - Canadian Art Galleries - Fall*

1995 Kluane Assiniboia Art Gallery Regina SK October

1995 Kluane Canadian Art Galleries Calgary AB November

1995-96 Over there, Out here: Paris, Emma Lake, Banff, Calgary - Glenbow*

1996 Ted Godwin’s Kluane Yukon Arts Centre Whitehorse, Yukon

1996 Spring Kluane double show Bau-Xi Toronto - Bau-Xi Van (open same day)

1997 North and Northwest images from the land of the Dene, Kwakiutl, and T’iemshian Bau Xi Toronto

1998 Introduction Wallace Galleries, Calgary AB

1998 Drohan, Godwin and Lochhead Landscapes Wallace Galleries

1999 Regina Five historical - Wallace Galleries (Mckay Retro tie in)

1999 Assiniboia Galleries three person book launch show Ted Godwin, Phyllis Godwin, and Luther Pokrant

1999 Book Launch - Messages from the Real World - A Handbook for the emerging Artist

1999 Ted Godwin RCA The Tartan Year 1967 - 1976 opening Nickle Arts Museum September 24th

1999 Ted Godwin Beyond the Tartan Years Wallace Galleries September 24

1999 - 2002 Ted Godwin RCA The Tartan Years 1967 - 1976 tour

Mackenzie Art Gallery Regina SK Spring 2000

Carleton University Art Gallery Ottawa, OT Fall 2000

Confederation Art Centre Charlottetown, PEI Winter 2001

Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery Oshawa OT, Fall 2001

2000 One man Assiniboia Gallery

2000 One Man Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto Fall

2000 “In the Land of the Kutenai”, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB

2000 Bau-Xi Galleries, Toronto, Bright waters & significant images from former lives

2000 Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK, New Work

2001 Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver, “Lost Lake and other Considerations

2001 Wallace Gallery Calgary AB “Kenauk” series September

2002 Bau-Xi Vancouver & Toronto “Kenauk Two”

2002 Assiniboia Gallery, “Regina Kenauk Three”

2003 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, “The Newfoundland Suite”

2004 Bau-Xi To. And Van. The waters of Nova Scotia

2005 Wallace Galleries Calgary scheduled for Fall - Eastern Considerations

2007 Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto May5th Nootka Sound

2007 Assiniboia Gallery Regina Three person with wife and daughter September

2008 Ted Godwin: The Regina Five Years, 1957 - 1967, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, AB

2008 Ted Godwin: The Regina Five Years, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB

2009 Ted Godwin: The Regina Five Years, 1957 - 1967, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK

2011 Ted Godwin: The Regina Five Years, 1957 - 1967, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB

2014 Ted Godwin Remembered, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB

Bau-Xi, Vancouver, BC


Major Publications - Critical Reviews - and or Reproduction of Work

1962 Canadian Art Magazine

1966 Painting in Canada - a History J. Russell Harper

1970 Canadian Art Today - Studio International Will Townsend

1972 Contemporary Canadian Painting - 24 Artists -William Withrow

1972 ArtsCanada

1973 Oxford History of Canadian Painting - Dennis Reid

1974 Towards a People’s Art; a History of Canadian Painting - Barry Lord

1976 Ontario Community Collects; Canadian Painting 1776 to the present

1976 ArtsWest - Lora Burke

1978 The Canadian Forum - Ted Godwin in conversation with Joan Murray

1979 ArtsCanada

1979 Artist’s Review - Sheila Stanley -

1980 ArtsWest Oct.

1980 Calgary Herald Oct Exh. review Tousley

1981 Globe and Mail Feb. Exh. review May

1982 Globe and mail - Feb. Exh. review May

1983 Calgary Herald - April Exh. review Tousley

1983 VISIONS - 13 part TV series TV Ontario

1983 Contemporary Canadian Art - Burnett & Schiff

1988 Art Carleton - Barbara Stevenson University of Carleton Press

1989 Mendel Art Gallery The flat side of the Landscape

1991 Alberta Art Foundation film For Television distribution “Investing in Art"1

1991 Lower Bow Exhibition and Lower Bow book Regina leader Post (Nov)

*1991 Lower Bow - Ted Godwin

1991 Claridge -Montreal (book)

1992 Lower Bow Exhibition reviewed Calgary Herald,

1992 Lower Bow Book reviewed Alberta Report March

1992 Lower Bow Book and exhibition reviewed in Cityscope (May/June)

1993 Reflecting Paradise Expo 93 Korea

1993 Celebrating the Littoral in Landscape Times Colonist Victoria BC2

1993 Achieving the Modern Winnipeg Art Gallery Press

1993 The Crisis of Abstraction in Canada - the 1950’s

1997 Treasured Moments Jim Kurtz memorial book

1997 M.C. Treasured Moments evening Saskatchewan Hotel Regina SK

1998 Kiyooka & Regina Five Film Bravo Channel and CBC National

(Documentary film on Kiyooka and Regina Five)

*1999 Messages from the Real World - A Handbook for the emerging Artist-Ted Godwin

*1999 Ted Godwin, RCA The Tartan Years 1967 – 1976 Dr Anne Davis

1999 Recipient Saskatchewan Book Award best new educational publication for “Messages from the Real World - A Handbook for the emerging Artist”

2001 “A World Away” Documentary film on the Regina Five premiered Bravo Channel June

2002 75th anniversary Alumni Awards of excellence Alberta College of Art

*2002 The Studio Handbook for working Artists expanded new edition of 1999 publication Messages

2003 Between New York and the North Pole - a film on Emma Lake

2005 Speaker Emma Lake Fifty Years - Emma Lake


NB Items asterisked (*) indicate book publications concerned solely with Ted Godwin



1958 Second prize N.E.S.A. (international neon design competition)

1964 Merit Award - Winnipeg Biennial

1965 Initiated & Organized Nathan Stolow Seminar on Contemporary Painting Media

1968 Winnipeg Show Purchase Award

1970 Organized Regina invitational Exhibition N.M.A.G.

1974 Royal Canadian Academy (R.C.A. elect)

1978 Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal

1985 February 22nd sobriety date

1987 Quit Smoking

1987 Inducted Fine Arts Archives - University of Regina

1988-91 Member Calgary Allied Arts Foundation

1990-91 Chairman Calgary Allied Arts Foundation

2000 Professor Emeritus University of Regina

2001 Award of Excellence Alberta College of Art “Governors’ Award of Excellence”

2001 Award of Honorary Doctorate University of Regina, Regina SK Fall convocation 01



Major Collections (partial)


Agnes Etherington Art Centre3

Alberta Art Foundation

Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Bank of Montreal

Bennet Jones

BP Canada

Canada Council Art Bank

Canadian Embassy Washington

Canadian Embassy Kiev



City of Toronto

Confederation Art Centre

Crown Life

Czar Resources

Daon Developement

Esso Resources Canada

Glenbow Art Museum

Gulf Oil

Hart House

Imperial oil


John Shaw Hong Kong

Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Manufacturers Life

MMK Co Ltd Tokyo

National Gallery of Canada


Osler, Hoskins & Harcourt

Peter Whyte Foundation



Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery

Royal Bank

Sabine Canada Ltd.

Saskatchewan Arts Board

Seneca College

Shell Resources Canada Ltd.

The Permanent

Thorne Riddell

Toronto-Dominion Bank

Touche Ross


University of Regina

University of Sask.

University of Calgary

University of Manitoba

WestCoast Petroleum Ltd.

First Energy Capital Corp

Clem Said Group Exhibition e-Catalog 2017

​“ClemSaid” Group Exhibition:

Works by: Ronald Bloore, Ted Godwin, Dorothy Knowles, Kenneth Lochhead, and Harold Town

October 11 - 26, 2017

“ClemSaid” explores the relationships -from positive to negative- that this renowned critic had on 5 artists currently represented by Wallace Galleries.

Exhibition e-Catalog available HERE

The five artists; Ronald Bloore, Ted Godwin, Dorothy Knowles, Kenneth Lochhead, and Harold Town each had their own experiences and opinions on Greenberg and his views on [Modern] art.

As an influential art mind, Greenberg impacted the Canadian art scene with his visits, and his brief or lifelong connection with each artist exhibited had an impact on their art career in one way or another.

We invite you to enjoy the works and walk through a bit of history with each of these great artists… let your mind go & explore another world.

Ted Godwin: A Retrospective e-Catalog 2020


MAY 23 - JUNE 17, 2020

Known as “The Kid”, Godwin was a professor at the University of Regina in the 50s and 60s, and one of five artists to be exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada in the 60s; where the group was called “The Regina Five” and the name stuck. An innovative and inspiration group of artists and professors that put western Canada on the map of action expressionism at the time. Godwin embraced his creativity and experimented and grew from his time in Regina and continued to create throughout his career until his passing in 2013. This exhibition will celebrate a man that embodied his art and continually was creating. The exhibition will span works from his early years in Regina until his later landscape works in the 2000s.

click HERE for the e-Catalog