• Stanley Park / Field
  • 40" x 60" acrylic on canvas
  • Leslie Poole

Artist Information

Leslie Poole

Born: Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1942
Price range: $575-$103,000

Nationally and internationally recognized, Vancouver-based artist Leslie Poole (b. 1942, Halifax, Nova Scotia) received his MFA from Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut) in 1970 and is now firmly established as one of Canada’s most extensively exhibited artists.

Poole’s paintings, drawings, and prints question life and art at the end/beginning of the Millennium through subjects as diverse as: male and female figures, still life, landscape, and self-portraits. Never content with doing only one thing well, his works range from realist to expressionist in style. His masterful expressionistic brushwork is directed by the assurance of years of experience in order to create works of deeply felt emotion. Expert paint handling and use of colour are his trademarks. Leslie believes that through the continuous exploration of him/herself, the artist symbolically creates the conditions of the human soul.

Born : 3 May 1942, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lives : Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

B.F.A.: 1967, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

M.F.A.: 1970, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA


2013 -Calgary, AB, Wallace Galleries (About Art))

-Edmonton, AB, Scott Gallery (Crows and More)

2011 -Edmonton, AB, Scott Gallery (Making the Past Present)

-Calgary, AB, Virginia Christopher Fine Art (A Look Into a Forty Year Career)

2010 -Victoria, BC, Winchester Galleries (After Manet)

2009 -Edmonton, AB, Scott Gallery (After Manet)

2008 -Vancouver, BC, Marilyn Mylrea Gallery (Off Road)

2007 -Edmonton, AB, Scott Gallery (Las Meninas)

2006 -Victoria, BC, Winchester Galleries (Canadian Landscapes)

-Vancouver, BC, Marilyn Mylrea Gallery (In Your Face - Portraits)

2005 -Vancouver, BC, Marilyn Mylrea Gallery (Women/Power)

-Edmonton, AB, Scott Gallery (Eastern Landscapes)

2004 *-Vancouver, BC, Roundhouse Centre Gallery (Celebrating the Body:

A collaboration with the Vancouver International Dance Festival)

*-Vancouver, BC, Simon Fraser University Downtown Gallery

(Art As Technology: in conjunction with the Modernist Studies Association International Conference)

2003 -Edmonton, AB, Scott Gallery (Now & Then: Selected works 1976-2003)

2002 -Calgary, AB, Virginia Christopher Fine Art (Appetite and Desire)

2001 -Toronto, ON, Bau-Xi Gallery (Appetite and Desire)

-Edmonton, AB, Scott Gallery (Appetite and Desire)

2000 *-Burnaby, BC, Burnaby Art Gallery (Leslie Poole’s Diary)

-Victoria, BC, Winchester Galleries (After Bonnard)

1999 -Edmonton, AB, Scott Gallery (Aspen paintings)

-Toronto, ON, Bau-Xi Gallery (Landscape with Cows paintings)

1998 -Vancouver BC, Heffel Gallery (Shadow/Light: new paintings)

-Victoria, BC, Winchester Galleries (Landscapes: An Overview)

1997 -Edmonton, AB, Scott Gallery (New Directions)

-Calgary, AB, Canadian Art Galleries (Shadow Paintings)

1996 -Victoria, BC, Winchester Galleries

*-Vancouver, BC, Teck Gallery, SFU at Harbour Centre (Memento Mori)

-Vancouver, BC, Heffel Gallery (Landscape with Cows)

1995 -Edmonton, AB, Kathleen Laverty Gallery (“Current Concerns”)

*-Burnaby, BC, Simon Fraser University Gallery (Memento Mori)

1994 -Vancouver, BC, Heffel Gallery (Tulip paintings)

-Toronto, ON, Madison Gallery (Aspens)

1993 -Toronto, ON, Madison Gallery (Cleansed Palette paintings)

-Edmonton, AB, Kathleen Laverty Gallery (Children/Tulip paintings)


1992-94 *-Richmond, BC, Richmond Art Gallery

(“Through the Looking Glass: Self Portraits of Leslie Poole”). Touring to: Grande Prairie, AB; Kelowna, BC; Nanaimo, BC; Prince George, BC; Halifax, NS; Fredericton, NB; & Kamloops, BC

1992 -Vancouver, BC, Crown Gallery (Basic Black/White paintings)

-Toronto, ON, Madison Gallery (Goddess/Rock & Water paintings)

1991 -Vancouver, BC, Crown Gallery (Montage series)

*-Surrey, BC, Surrey Art Gallery (Encounters with the Goddess:


-Edmonton, AB, Kathleen Laverty Gallery (After Manet paintings)

1990 *-Burnaby, BC, Simon Fraser University Gallery

(AFTER YALE: 1970-1976)

1989-90 *-Penticton, BC, Art Gallery of the South Okanagan


Touring to: Grand Forks, BC

1989 -Ottawa, ON, Robertson Galleries (Stanley Park Landscapes)

-Calgary, AB, Canadian Art Galleries (Still Life paintings/drawings)

-Vancouver, BC, Crown Gallery (After Manet paintings)

-Los Angeles, CA, Wade Gallery (Paintings/drawings)

-Edmonton, AB, Kathleen Laverty Gallery (Still Life paintings)

1988 -Vancouver, BC, Crown Gallery ((Stanley Park Landscapes)

-Toronto, ON, Quan-Schieder Gallery (Still Life paintings/drawings)

-Los Angeles, CA, Wade Gallery (Still Life paintings/drawings)

1987 -Chicago, IL, Gilman/Gruen Galleries (Water Lilies & Rhododendron


-Vancouver, BC, Crown Gallery (Family Portraits)

-Ottawa, ON, Robertson Galleries (Recent paintings/drawings)

*-Richmond, BC, Richmond Art Gallery (LANDSCAPES: 1983-1987)

1986 -Toronto, ON, Quan-Schieder Gallery (Overview: 1970-1986)

-Edmonton, AB, Kathleen Laverty Gallery (Paintings/drawings)

-Calgary, AB, Canadian Art Galleries (Nature series)

-Vancouver, BC, Crown Gallery (Rhododendron paintings/Figure


1985 -Toronto, ON, Madison Gallery (Water Lilies)

-Vancouver, BC, Heffel Gallery (Water Lilies & Figures)

-Ottawa, ON, Robertson Galleries (Landscapes, Neo-Baroque series)

-Vancouver, BC, Crown Gallery (Lithographs)

1984-87 *-Vancouver, BC, Charles H. Scott Gallery (Drawing Retrospective).

Touring to: Edmonton, AB; Grande Prairie, AB; Banff, AB.

1984 -Calgary, AB, Canadian Art Galleries (Landscapes)

-Vancouver, BC, Heffel Gallery (Neo-Baroque series)

-Edmonton, AB, Hett Gallery (10 Years of Figurative Paintings

& Drawings)

-Toronto, ON, Madison Gallery (Children, Landscapes, Neo-Baroque)

-Chicago, IL, Gilman Galleries (Landscapes)

*-San Francisco, CA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art-Rental

Gallery (Children paintings)



1983 -Ottawa, ON, Robertson Galleries (Irises)

-Montreal, PQ, The Shayne Gallery (Irises)

-Calgary, AB, Canadian Art Galleries (Children)

-Vancouver, BC, Heffel Gallery (Landscapes)

-Vancouver, BC, Heffel Gallery (Children)

1982 -Calgary, AB, Canadian Art Galleries (Women)

-Vancouver, BC, Heffel Gallery (Irises)

-Edmonton, AB, Lefebvre Galleries (Man in the Bath & Irises)

-Ottawa, ON, Robertson Galleries (Montages)

-Regina, SK, Susan Whitney Gallery ( Still Life)

-Toronto, ON, Bau-Xi Gallery (Woman)

1981 -Calgary, AB, Canadian Art Galleries (Cherry Trees)

-Vancouver, BC, Bau-Xi Gallery (Cherry Trees)

-Edmonton, AB, Lefebvre Galleries (Works on paper)

-Vancouver, BC, Bau-Xi Gallery (Montages)

1980 -Toronto, ON, Bau-Xi Gallery (Hydrangeas)

-Vancouver, BC, Bau-Xi Gallery (Lithograph exhibition)

-Vancouver, BC, Bau-Xi Gallery (Still Life)

-Toronto, ON, Bau-Xi Gallery (Self Portraits)

1979 -Vancouver, BC, Bau-Xi Gallery (Man in the Bath)

*-Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Art Gallery (Self Portraits)

-Vancouver, BC, Bau-Xi Gallery (Orchids)

1978 *-Vancouver, BC, University of British Columbia A.M.S. Art Gallery


-Toronto, ON, Bau-Xi Gallery (Sails)

-Toronto, ON, Bau-Xi Gallery (Studios)

-Vancouver, BC, Bau-Xi Gallery (Sails)

1977 -Vancouver, BC, Bau-Xi Gallery (Studios)

1975 *-Penticton, BC, Penticton Art Gallery (Clouds)

-Vancouver, BC, Bau-Xi Gallery (Clouds)

1973-74 *-Charlottetown, PE, Confederation Centre Art Gallery (Recent

paintings). Touring to: St. John’s, NF; Fredericton, NB;

Ottawa, ON; Edmonton, AB; & Victoria, BC.

1970 -Toronto, ON, Nightingale Gallery



2013 -Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown, PE (Quotation)

2010 -MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK (Art in Bloom: Summer Dreams)

2006 -Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB (New Acquisitions)

2005 -Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC (25 years - 25 artists: 1980-2005)

2004 -Surrey, BC, Surrey Art Gallery (‘Face to Face’)

2003 -Charlottetown, PE (Confederation Centre Art Gallery)

2001 -Surrey, BC, Surrey Art Gallery (Selections from the Permanent Collection)

2000 -Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Art Gallery (Colouring the West: A Century of BC Painting)

1999 -Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, BC (Five Out of Five)

1998 -Kamloops, BC, Kamloops Art Gallery (Home Base)

1996 -Richmond, BC, Richmond Art Gallery (Returning Artists)

1995 -Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Art Gallery (New Acquisitions)

1992 -Montreal, PQ, Saidye Bronfman Centre (25th Anniversary Exhibition)

1990-91 -Moscow, ID, University of Idaho Gallery (Within Range).

Touring to: Great Falls, MT, and Missoula, MT.

1989 -Burnaby, BC, Simon Fraser University Gallery (The Cult of the


-Vancouver, BC, (Fear of Others: Art Against Racism).

Touring to: Sacramento, CA; Montreal, PQ; Toronto, ON;

Winnipeg, MB; Calgary, AB; and Prince George, BC.

-Surrey, BC, Surrey Art Gallery (A Flower Show)

1987 -Kelowna, BC, National Drawing Competition

1986-87 -Barcelona, Spain, 6th Mini Print International Exhibition.

Touring Spain and USA.

1986-87 -Halifax, NS, Dalhousie Art Gallery (Eighth Dalhousie Drawing Exhibition). Touring to: Fredericton, NB, Edmonton, AB; Lethbridge, AB; Calgary, AB.

1986 -Burnaby, BC, Burnaby Art Gallery (Burnaby Print Show)

-Barcelona, Spain, 5th Mini Print International Exhibition

1984 -Montreal, PQ, Concordia University Art Gallery (Edge & Image)

1983-84 -London, ON, London Regional Art Gallery (The Hand Holding the

Brush). Touring to: Guelph, ON; Hamilton, ON;

Montreal, PQ; Fredericton, NB; and Halifax, NS

1983 -Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver: Art &

Artists, 1931-1983)

-Richmond, BC, Richmond Art Gallery (Visions of Women)

1982 -Vancouver, BC, Robson Square (BC Art Collection)

1981 -Montreal, PQ, Optica Gallery (Couples)

-Calgary, AB Muttart Gallery (Emerging Canadian Artists)

-Burnaby, BC, Simon Fraser University Gallery (Insights)

-Fredericton, NB, University of New Brunswick (People)

1980 -Burnaby, BC, Simon Fraser University Gallery (BC on Canvas)

-Seattle, WA, (Entre-Nous). Sponsored by National Mayors’ Assoc.

-Calgary, AB, Alberta College of Art Gallery (5 BC Artists)


1978 -Edmonton, AB, Edmonton Art Gallery (Collectors’ Choice)

-Calgary, AB, (Canadian Biennial of Prints & Drawings)

1977 -Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Art Gallery (From This Point of View)

1976 -Edmonton, AB, Edmonton Art Gallery (What’s New?)

-Montreal, PQ, (Forum ‘76)

-Fredericton, NB, Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Recent Acquisitions).

Touring to: Halifax, NS.

-Montreal, PQ, (BC Arts Access Olympic Exhibit)

-Canada House in Paris, Brussels, London, New York, and Montreal

1975 -Montreal, PQ, Saidye Bronfman Centre (Current Energies)

1973 -Banff, AB, Peter Whyte Gallery

1972 -Winnipeg, MB, Winnipeg Art Gallery (Manisphere)

-Fredericton, NB, University of NB Art Centre

1971 -Saskatoon, SK, University of SK Art Gallery

-Fredericton, NB, Beaverbrook Art Gallery & Circuit

(APAC Biennial Exhibit)

1970 -New Haven, CT, 1076 Gallery

-New Haven, CT, a. & t. gallery

1969 -New Haven, CT, U.R.A. Gallery


Canada Council Art Bank; Ottawa, ON

Alberta Art Foundation; Edmonton, AB

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Montreal, PQ

Beaverbrook Art Gallery; Fredericton, NB

Dofasco; Hamilton, ON

C.I.L.; Toronto, ON

BC Art Collection; Victoria, BC

Confederation Centre Art Gallery; Charlottetown, PE

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CATALOGUES (Solo Exhibitions)

1973 -Leslie Poole - Paintings, Across Canada touring exhibition

1978 -Sail Drawings, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1979 -Confessions, Vancouver Art Gallery (Exhibition of Self Portraits)

1984 -Leslie Poole - Drawings, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, BC

(Touring Drawing retrospective)

1989 -DUALITIES: A 15 Year Retrospective, 1974-1989, Art Gallery of

the South Okanagan, Penticton, BC, & Tour

1990 -AFTER YALE: 1970-1976, Simon Fraser University Gallery,

Burnaby, BC

1991 -Encounters with the Goddess: 1981-1991, Surrey Art Gallery,

Surrey, BC

1992 -Through the Looking Glass: Self Portraits of Leslie Poole,

Touring exhibition organized by the Kamloops Art Gallery

1994 -Leslie Poole - Tulips, Heffel Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1995 -Memento Mori, Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, BC

1996 -Landscape with Cows, Heffel Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1998 -Shadow / Light: new paintings, Heffel Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2000 -Leslie Poole’s Diary, Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, BC

CATALOGUES (Selected Group Exhibitions)

1983 -The Hand Holding the Brush, Touring exhibition organized by the

London Regional Art Gallery, London, ON

1986 -The 8th Dalhousie Drawing Exhibition, Touring exhibition

organized by the Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, NS

1989 -Fear of Others: Art Against Racism, (Touring exhibition)

2005 -Richmond Art Gallery: 25 years - 25 artists 1980-2005,organized by the Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC


1967 -Queen Elizabeth Scholarship

1968 -Alberta Visual Arts Scholarship

-Yale University Scholarship

-Province of Alberta Grant

1969 -Alberta Visual Arts Scholarship

-Yale University Scholarship

-Province of Alberta Grant

1972 -Canada Council Arts Grant

1974 -Canada Council Arts Grant

1975 -Canada Council Arts Grant

1980 -Canada Council Arts Grant

1985 -Canada Council Project Grant


1971-72 -University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, (Sessional Lecturer)

1973 -Banff School of Fine Arts, Banff, AB, (Instructor in Drawing)

1979 -Banff School of Fine Arts, Banff, AB, (Painting Seminar)

1980 -Douglas College, Surrey, BC, (Instructor in Drawing)

1975-87 -Vancouver Community College (Langara Campus), Vancouver, BC,

(Lecturer in Drawing & Design)



PRESENT -Numerous adult classes