• Wrought Offering, 2022
  • 17" x 9" x 3", steel and silver
  • Isla Burns

Artist Information

Isla Burns

1952 Calcutta, India

Born: Calcutta, India. 1952


1969 Graduated from St Margaret’s Convent. Edinburgh Scotland.

1968 - 69 External student. Edinburgh College of Art. Scotland.

1970 - 74 Diploma in Sculpture. Alberta College of Art. Calgary. AB.

1975 - 78 Master of Visual Arts. Sculpture. University of Alberta. Edmonton.

Awards & Recognition.

1978 Beta Sigma Phi Award in Art & Design. University of Alberta. Edmonton.

2002 Award for Excellence. Alberta College of Art & Design. Calgary.

2002 Accepted into: The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

2013 Accepted into: City of Edmonton’s Arts & Culture Hall of Fame.

Professional Experience.

Contract teaching at U of A. Edmonton.

1983 - 85 Visual Fundamentals & BFA Drawing.

1989 - 90 Figurative Sculpture.

1993 - 94 Figurative and Abstract Sculpture.

1996 - 05 Visual Fundamentals. An introduction to Sculpture & 3 Dimensional Design.

2001 Abstract Steel & Wood Sculpture.

2006 - 09 Augustana College. Camrose, Alberta. Sculpture

2006 - 10 Figurative Sculpture. University of Alberta.

2013 Augustana College. Camrose. Alberta.


1984 Triangle Artist’s Workshop. Pine Plains. New York. USA

1985 Collaboration in Clay. The Works. Edmonton. AB

1986 Hardingham Sculpture Workshop. Norwich. England.

1987 Triangle Artist’s Workshop. Barcelona. Spain

1995 Visiting Artist. International Ceramic Workshop. Red Deer College. AB

Selected Exhibitions.

1980 “Eight Sculptors” (Traveling Exhibition) Art Placement. Saskatoon. Saskatchewan

1982 “Seven Sculptors” Studio Exhibition. Edmonton. Alberta

1983 “Canadian Contemporary Art- The Current Generation.” EAG. Alberta

1984 “Triangle Artist’s Workshop.” Pine Plains. New York. USA

1986-90 “Sculpture by Invitation.” EAG. Alberta

1986 “Hardingham Sculpture Workshop” Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts.

The University of East Anglia. Norwich, England

1987 “Triangle” Barcelona. Spain

1987 “Solo Exhibition” EAG. Alberta

1988 “Recent Sculptures” Paul Kuhn Fine Arts. Calgary. Alberta

1989 “Exotic Steel” FAB Gallery. U of A. Alberta.

1990 “Objects & Structures, 3 Dimensional Still Lives” EAG. Alberta


2000 “Solo Exhibitions” Paul Kuhn Fine Arts. Calgary. Alberta

1991 “Spectrum 91 – Women in Sculpture” Triangle Gallery. Curated by Katie Ohe.

Calgary. Alberta

1992 “Solo exhibition” EAG. Alberta

1995 “The other Alberta Sculpture” Carlton University Art Gallery. Ottawa. Ontario

1995 “Hardingham Workshops” 1986 -95.” Christ Church Mansion Lawns. Ipswich.UK


2001/03 “ Solo Exhibitions” The Vanderleelie Gallery. Edmonton. Alberta

1996 “Modes of Abstraction, Disrepresentation” EAG. Alberta

2001 “Beyond Craft” The art Gallery of South West Manitoba. Manitoba

2001 “Recent Sculpture” Gallery One. Toronto. Ontario

2001 “75th Anniversary Exhibition” ACAD. Calgary. Alberta

2002 “5 Degrees of Separation” Art Gallery of Calgary. Calgary. Alberta

2003 “Migrations in the Third Dimension in Canada and the Cyclades”

The Cultural Foundation of Tinos. Tinos. Greece

2004 “ Form-Space-Concept-Metaphor: Contemporary Alberta Sculpture”

Special Art Exhibition Celebrating the centennial of Alberta. Triangle Gallery.

Calgary. Alberta

2005 “Metal Works” A collaborative exhibition with Karen Cantine. The Vanderleelie

Gallery. Edmonton. Alberta

2007 “Fireworks” A collaborative exhibition with Karen Cantine. Peter Robertson

Gallery. Edmonton. Alberta

2009 “Forms of Worship” Algoma Gallery. Sault Saint Marie. Ontario

2010 “Wrought Iron” Peter Robertson Gallery. Edmonton. Alberta

2010 “ A Renaissance” Group Show. Enterprise Square Gallery. Edmonton. Alberta

2012 “Samskara” Peter Robertson Gallery. Edmonton. Alberta

2014 “Regions of Distinction” Edmonton Members of the RCA. Enterprise Square.

Edmonton. AGA.

2014 “90 x 90. Celebrating Art in Alberta” AGA 90th Anniversary. Alberta

2017 “Tempered Steel”, Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton, AB

Selected Publications, Books & Promotion

1987 “Isla Burns & Lyle Lis” EAG. Update Magazine. Russel Bingham.

1987 “Isla Burns & lyle Lis At the EAG” Art Post. Lelde Muchlenbachs.

1989 “ Of Earth and Steel: Taming the Prairie in Canada” Vol.12 Practicing the Arts in

Canada. Dr Caterina Pizanias.

1993 “ The Place of Sculpture” Border Crossings. Vol.12. Number 3. Lelde


1994 “Steel Magnolias” Globe & Mail. 7th of May. John Bently Mays.

1995 “Alberta Sculptors come in from the Cultural Cold” Arts Books and Ideas.

Ottawa Citizen. March 12th. Alan King.

2004 “Dissident Acts. Spirit & Matter” Artichoke. Spring. Dr Caterina Pizanias.

2004 “Migrations” Galleries West. Fall/Winter. Dr Caterina Pizanias.

2004 “Torch Songs” Katie Ohe & Isla Burns” Legacy Magazine. Winter.

Patricia Myers.

2006 “Art Spots” CBC Documentary. Janice Ryan

2006 “An Alberta Chronicle” Book. Mary-Beth Laviolette.

2007 “Alberta Art and Artist’s” Book. Patricia Ainslie & Mary-Beth Laviolette.

2010 “Arts Section” Phabrik Magazine. Sandra Sing Fernandes.

2010 “ Wrought Iron” Edmonton Journal. Janice Ryan

2012 “ Abstract Metal Sculpture Shines in Isla Burns Exhibit.” GIG CITY. Stuart


2012 “Studio Inside” Edmonton Journal. Janice Ryan.

2017 “Living and vegetative work.” Isla Burns explores organic qualities of metal sculpture

Vue Weekly. Stephan Boissonneault.

2017 “The Artist’s Studio.” black dog publishing. Book. Joseph Hartman


Public Collections.

City of Calgary. AB

City of Edmonton. AB

The Alberta Foundation of the Arts. AB

Grant MacEwan University. AB

University of Calgary. AB

University of Alberta. AB

The Mendel Art Gallery. Saskatoon. Sask.

The Art Gallery of Alberta. AB

Canada Council Art Bank. Ottawa. Ont.

The Canadiana Fund. Ottawa. Ont.

The Glenbow Museum. Calgary. AB

Augustana University. Camrose. AB

City of Barcelona. Spain

Visual Art Collection. Foreign Affairs & international Trade. Ottawa. Ont

Public Commissions.

The City of Edmonton. City Hall. AB

The University of Alberta. AB

Abu Dhabi. UAE

Private Collections.

Edmonton. AB

Calgary. AB

Saskatoon. Sask.


Victoria. BC

Sault Saint Marie.Ont.

Dubai. UAE


London. UK


Private Collections

Edmonton. AB

Calgary. AB

Saskatoon. Sask.


Victoria. BC

Sault Saint Marie.Ont.

Dubai. UAE


London. UK



International Women’s Day Group Exhibition e-Catalog 2021

International Women’s Day Group Exhibition 2021: #ChooseToChallenge

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Significant activity is witnessed worldwide as groups come together to celebrate women’s achievements or rally for women’s equality.

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