Leslie Poole at the Surrey Art Gallery Exhibition: Facing Time:  Portraits, Faces, Profiles.

Leslie Poole is proud to be a part of the Exhibition art the Surrey Art Gallery: Facing Time: Portraits, Faces, Profiles.

The exhibition is on now and until March 27, 2021; entrance is free.

“The human face tells us a lot about someone. From smiling or frowning to more complex expressions of hope, fear, or approval, the face is how we read others. During this pandemic, faces have taken on heightened significance. Most of our interactions with others happen virtually. Masks cover much of our face, only leaving us to communicate with our eyes.

While we can’t get close to many physical faces nowadays, you can get up close and personal with the faces in this exhibit. Collages of archival portraits, psychological portraiture, altered faces from art history as art stamps, photographs of amateur baseball players, drawings of aged faces suffering from illness, needlepoint representations of French philosophers, terracotta heads, and artworks that use social media as a medium are some examples of what you’ll see in the show. ...”

Curator: Jordan Strom

More information on this public exhibition can be found HERE