Jean McEwen Exhibition on-line catalog 2023

March 18 – April 12, 2023: Jean McEwen

Opening Reception: March 18: 2-5PM - ONLINE catalog available HERE

For the first time ever in Calgary, we will be hosting the exclusive exhibition of select works by Jean McEwen. Celebrating the centennial of his birth, Jean McEwen is a renowned Canadian (Quebec) artist whom created works that were ground-breaking in the art scene during the action expression movement of the 50’s-60’s and beyond.

His works were always created with a deeply thought-out idea in mind. They demand an emotional response from whomever come upon them. He is known for his innovation and contribution to art. His works are exhibited in the MoMA, The National Gallery of Canada, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, to name a few. McEwen always insisted that his works were focused and based by the sensation that one gets from art, not based on criteria or theories of art. This exhibition holds true to this sentiment, and is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime exhibition to hit Calgary which shouldn’t be missed.