Brent Laycock: “The Promised Land” exhibition e-Catalog 2020

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 14,2020 from 2-5pm

The homeland of southern Alberta is where Laycock was born, raised and spent most of his life. There are always new places to discover and familiar places that need to be examined with a fresh outlook & rediscovered. The confinement of the pandemic has given us an opportunity to appreciate the rich beauties of this area. This is really the land of promise. The purpose in sharing these paintings is to communicate some of the joy that Laycock experience as he explores the landscape of southern Alberta. Waterton Lakes National Park, the prairies near Calgary (to the east and south), the parkland to the north and even the foothills & mountains to the west are Laycock’s muse. With a keen appreciate to the changes of light throughout the day and the changes in the seasons lends to an ever evolving and challenging subject that Laycock looks to capture on his canvas…an ever changing opportunity for growth, exploration and discovery to share.


preview: Thursday & Friday, November 12&13, 2020