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For several months, Artists, Clients and Estate Owners attempted to recover artworks from an Art Gallerist in Oak Bay, British Columbia. In April 2022, the Saanich police seized over 1,000 artworks valued in the millions of dollars. Within this large quantity of works, many of them were created by prolific Canadian artists Herbert Siebner and Harold Town. Other noteworthy artists included painters such as Dorothy Knowles and Emily Carr.

After relocating from Germany, Siebner managed to establish himself as one of Canada’s strongest Canadian abstract painters. Siebner was a member of the Limners, a nationally proclaimed group of artists based in Victoria, BC. Inspired by life, Siebner abstracts and simplifies forms, revitalizing people and landscapes beyond what meets the eye.

Harold Town once stated “[a]ll my prints are based upon actual experience, childhood memories, or historical re-creations. They can never be rightly called non-objective, a term which to me is meaningless”. Several iconic prints were recovered, alongside rare drawings and paintings. RECOVERED will showcase nearly 30 works from Town and Siebner from mid-July to August.