figure, humanoid, lines, pastel
Rachel Ovadia

Rachel M. Ovadia is a Canadian artist born in the former USSR. She has been a abstract artist for over 25 years. Her vast body of works includes a great diversity of styles in painting, drawing, etching and sculpture.

With the purpose of uncovering the essence of art, Rachel has spent a significant amount of her life traveling throughout the globe searching to discover the beauty and harmony that this world has to offer. She has resided in the Middle East, Europe, United States and is currently living in Canada. She studied Fine Art in prestigious institutions in Russia, Belgium, Italy and Canada. In the course of frequent travel, and continuous education Rachel Ovadia has gained a tremendous amount of insight and inspiration from both European and Asian cultures.

Her passion and affinity for art grew from her interests in cultures as well as from her love of people, nature, dance and music. These themes are carried out through the many different series of her works.

She paints on a regular basis using acrylics, oils, inks and encaustic on everything from canvas, linen, panel, and plexiglass. Although her passion lies in very large scale works, her works of art range from miniature to large scale pieces. She takes joy in experimentation, using new techniques, colors, and materials.

Her art exudes a strong positive aura and transcends far beyond our ability to impart meaning, one has to experience his own perceptual consciousness in viewing her works of art.

Rachel works are exhibited regularly throughout Canada and Europe and her works can be found in numerous private and public collections throughout the world.

Rachel Ovadia creates an emotional and spiritual meaning by painting and expressing herself in order to connect to the world.

Life so far:      b. Lithuania, now Canadian; traveled extensively; lived in Middle East, Europe and North America; now living and working in Canada.


Studied:               University of Vilno-  BA-Fine Arts &Linguistics, 1970. 

Brussels Academy of Fine Arts-  Fine Art Certificate, 1977.

University of Toronto-  MFA, 1988.

Florence Art Academy-  Fine Art Diploma, 1996.


Solo Exhibitions

 1986 -    Academy of Visual Arts, Brussels, Belgium.

1989 -    Glendon College Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

1990 -    Alliance Française, Toronto, Canada.

2000 -    Klim Gallery, Thornhill, Ont., Canada.

2001 -    Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada. 


Group Exhibitions

  1985 -    Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques, Paris, France.

1987 -    Europe Graphics, New York, USA. 

1991 -    Miniature Art Show, Delbello Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

1993 -    Drawings, Lincoln Center, New York, NY, USA.

1994-     Great Wall Arts, Toronto, Canada.

1995 -    Royal Academy of Art, London, England.

1995 -    Newman Fine Arts Auxiliary Auction, Toronto, Canada.

1996 -    Royal Academy of Art, London, England.

1997 -    Artexpo  Miami, Florida, USA.

1998 -    Espace des Arts, Quebec, Canada.

1999 -    Contemporary Arts Center, Minneapolis, USA.

2000 -    Palais des Arts, Brussels, Belgium.

2000 -    Artists International, Westport, USA.

2000 -    Artexpo New York, NY, USA

01-02 -   The Miniature Art Show, Toronto, Canada.

2002 -    Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery, Fifth Annual   

Auction, Unionville, Ont., 

2002-   Jean-Claude Bergeron Gallery, Biennale Exhibition: L’Art et le Papier V, Ottawa, Ont., Canada.

2002-   Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Juried Exhibition, Grimsby, Ont., Canada

2002-         Markham Museum, Art in The Park, Markham, Ont., Canada.

2002-      Zarya Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2002-      Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Canada.

2002-         Circa Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2002 -     ARTERA Fine Art, Annual Art Gala, Woodbridge, Ont., 2003 -  Art Expo, New York, United States.

2003 -     Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, Canada.


Media and Talks:


1990  -CBC French TV, Toronto: Interview: “Art and its Place in Contemporary Society.”

1990 - L’Express Newspaper, Toronto: Article published featuring her art and opening of art show.

1988 - CIUT Radio, Toronto: Interview: “Art and Multiculturalism.” Lectured and spoken publicly across Canada on subjects touching on: 

“art – expression – the significance of symbols and recognition of art languages.”

2001 - CBC Television, Toronto: Interview about newly exhibited works at ‘Angell Gallery’. 

2002 - CBC Television & ARTV, Toronto: Interview in personal studio about the evolution and progression of 

works of art. 

 2002 -CBC Television, Toronto: Personal follow-up interview at Toronto Outdoor Art    

Exhibition  reviewing works of art put on display at the event.

              2002-  City TV Toronto: Interview and review on works of art and opening of art exhibition.



Other Interests:   The preservation of life; the relation between life, art and reality; the study of philosophy; esoteric sciences; the exploration of the human potential via art; languages (I speak several and make great use of those) and the art of communications; and questions of existentialism. Introducing the beauty of art to those who never touched the subject. Work at developing new approaches to adopt the subject of: “Living with Art”