abstract art, contemporary art, texture
Untitled (12-29-B1)
Mikel Temo Greco

“Absence & Silence” is the credo of my creation. It is this that I try to achieve and that which is the source of my creativity. That is a spiritual status of emptiness that brings me to new heaven and a new earth, immersing me to wonderful world of colors and images. When I am working I lose all sense of time and place. I experience a state of consciousness quite common but nonetheless magical. It is the same meditating state experienced by monks. In this state of grace, the paintings begin to take shape seemingly on their own accord. A completed painting is the pinnacle of this spiritual journey. A “non forced preparation”, is the vision I hope to achieve. Forms and colours are born together. I do not have a format as I begin but adopt one as I go. My first thoughts are worked on a small surface. It isn’t until I have worked numerous sketches and drafts that I then bring this to a larger scale. In my work I try to reveal the expression of the mind and soul and their interaction together. My art ranges from an unconscious spiritual statement to an abstract image, offering the viewer another perspective, another reality and another language. The technique used helps me achieve my goal which is to emphasize the spiritual essence of abstraction and the interaction during this process.

Mikel Temo Greco

Born in 1964 in the town of Korca in the south of Albania, Mikel Temo Greco inherited a familial artistic tradition and started painting in early childhood. While studying painting and drawing at the Academy of Arts in Tirana, capital of Albania (1982-1986) he discovered the art forms prohibited at that time: impressionism, cubism, expressionism and surrealism.

From 1986 to 1998, Mikel shared his knowledge and love of contemporary art with his students at the Art School of Tirana but it was only after trips to Italy and France that his work turned more explicitly abstract. In 1991 he founded the Association of the Albanian Independent Painters and Sculptors and in 1997 received a PhD in Arts.


Mikel Temo Greco has been widely exhibited throughout Europe. He immigrated to Canada in 2000 and continues to paint in Vancouver, British Columbia.


• 2003 Bari Design Gallery, Richmond, Canada

• 2001 French Alliance, Vancouver, Canada

• 2000 European Community, Tirana, Albania

• 1999 “Les Portes Ouvertes” organized by the Montreuil City Hall, France

• 1999 Albanian Embassy, Paris, France

• 1999 Europe Hall, Laval, France

• 1998 “Les Portes Ouvertes”, Montreuil, France

• 1997 XXI Gallery, Tirana, Albania

• 1996 Greenwood Gallery, Seattle - WA, USA

• 1994 Kordic Gallery, Velika Gorica, Zagreb, Croatia

• 1993 National Centre of Culture, Annecy, France

• 1992 Amimoni Gallery, Yoannina, Greece

• 1992 National Art Gallery, Tirana, Albania


• 2002 International Biennale of Austria 2002, Kragenfurt, Austria

• 2002 Ballardlederer Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

• 2001 Artropolis 2001 Canadian Broadcasting Center Building,Vancouver, Canada

• 1998 National Art Gallery “Mediterranea N.1” Albania-Italy, a common cultural horizon, Tirana, Albania

• 1997 National Art Gallery, “ONUFRI” annually exhibition, Tirana, Albania

• 1996 National Art Gallery, “ONUFRI” annually exhibition, Tirana, Albania

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• 1991 National Art Gallery, exhibition of the Association Albanian Independent Painters and Sculptures, Tirana, Albania

• 1989 National Art Gallery, “Fall” exhibition, Tirana, Albania

• 1987 National Art Gallery, “75th Anniversary of Albania Independence”, Tirana, Albania

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• 1997 National Art Gallery, “ONUFRI” exhibition, (Onufri price, 1997)

• 1997 Ph.D. Psychological Fundamentals of the Creation in the Figurative Arts

• 1997 The 70th Anniversary of the first Albanian National Bank Foundation, (first stamp price, September 25th 1997)

• 1996 Famous Philosophers and Mathematicians, (first stamp price, September 20th, 1996)

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• The National Art Gallery, Tirana, Albania

• The Academy of the Fine Arts, Tirana, Albania

• National Historic Museum, Tirana, Albania

• European Council, Tirana, Albania

• Amimoni Gallery, Yoannina, Greece

• XXI Gallery, Tirana, Albania

• Various private collections, Albania, Italy, France, Austria, Swiss, USA


• Founder & Vice President of the Albanian Independent Painters and Sculptors, 1991–1998

• Board member of the Albanian League of the Artists, 1996–1997

• Founder & Vice President of the Albanian Stylists and Dress - makers, 1997–1998


• Founder & President of the First Private Art – Designer School “ Vangjush Mio”, Tirana, Albania 1997-1998