Second Sign of Celestial Decay, 2014
Epic I
Duality II, 2016
Wonder, 2009
Legend II
Announciation, 2016
Departure, 2005
Purple Ride VII, 2006
Imposition, 2009
Rainbow Journey IV, 2015
Farewell my Concubine I, 2015
Entanglement I, 2015
Taotie I
Dissolute Frame of Beauty III, 2014
Viva Africana, 2014
Disheveled Hair II, 2016
Being Timeless as it is to Time II, 2016
Andrew Lui

Price Range: $850 - $20,000

For thirty odd years, I have earnestly toiled in my artistic pursuit, progressing from resolute to probable; from absolute to relative; from conceptual to reflecting life and from trendy to cognitive. Somewhat bewildered and not learning much along the way, I have now reached the crossroad of post-modernity.

Experiences, to me, are the moments of self-inflicted happiness from the ups and downs in life. In recent years, I have indulged myself in depicting the melancholy as well as the exhilaration of voyageurs on the move. They can be the lasting regrets of the Roman cavalries as described by Paolo Uccello or the disillusions of the Crusaders travelling on their never-ending journey….horses and pilgrims self-professing a shared common destiny: men and horses; misery and bliss, life and death, and the perpetual interplay of between emptiness and fulfillment. I must confess that I am addicted to this temporal yet virtual relationship to life and aesthetic standard…

The confrontation between the eastern and western civilizations; the expansive nature of Judeo-Christian civilization and the intrinsic fermentation of the Chinese Confucian-Buddhist civilization, I count myself blessed to be able to live in such a niche. Since the Renaissance period, humanistic values have been advocated by both the eastern and western aesthetics. These combine with the evolution of the post-modernistic language as well as the non-secular yet subversive elements in the Ming-Qing paintings have provided unlimited rumination and struggle for my artistic creations.

Pilgrimage is virtual in nature. The scene is a fictitious set-up and the space seems to be ready for staging an opera from olden days. The only real elements are the sorrows and joys of living, the comings and goings of the actors as well as the ups and downs in life.

1951 Born in Canton (Guangzhou), China

1966-68 Participated in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Red-Guard member

1968-70 Participated in the Reform & then sent to a farm

1970 Migrated to Hong Kong by swimming

1972 Migrated to Toronto, Canada

1978 Naturalized as a Canadian

Lived and worked in Montréal as artist and curator

1983 Established AVIUS Associates

1995 Director of Han Art Contemporain


1963-68 Guangzhou 6th High School (Secondary Education,) Guangzhou, China

1970-72 Takming College • Economy & Literature, Hong Kong

1972-75 Ontario College of Art • Art, Toronto, Canada

1975-77 Acadamia Belle Arti • Art, Florence, Italy

British Institute of Florence • Art •

Renaissance studies, Florence, Italy

1977-78 University of London • Art History & Art Criticism, London, UK

Awards / Scholarships

1970-72 Chongshan Scholarship, Hong Kong

Bonan Scholarship, Hong Kong

1972-75 Nora Vaughn Scholarship, Toronto

1976 Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism Scholarship

1981 Mural Competition • City of Montréal • 1st Prize, Montréal

1982 Project Competition • Award •Province of Alberta, Alberta

Personal Shows

1974 Gallery 76 • A bird with unique breast, To, Canada

1976 Gallery Teorama • The way home, Florence, Italy

1977 Pallazzo Strozzi • Homage to Fellini, Florence, Italy

1978 Artlenders • Birdize, Mtl, Canada

Meriman Gallery • Birdize, Figlina Valdarno, Italy

1978 Galleria d’Arte “Le Collonine” • Birdize, Florence, Italy

La Galerie d’Egmont • Le fleuve et Lui & Moth,

Bruxelles, Belgium

1979 Galerie Bernard Desroches • Le fleuve et Lui, Mtl, Canada

Galerie d’Aquatine • Le fleuve et Lui, Montréal, Canada

Galerie Georges Loranger• Le fleuve et Lui & Moth, To, Canada

Galerie Kien Long • Le fleuve et Lui, Bruxelles, Belgium

1980 Galerie L’Haifge • Le fleuve et Lui, Utrecht, Holland

Galerie Images Faceb • Le fleuve et Lui & Moth

Ottawa, Canada

Galerie Georges Loranger • Le fleuve et Lui & Moth, To, Canada

1981 Galerie Images Faceb • Moth, Ottawa, Canada

Galerie Georges Loranger • Sail to Byzantine, To, Canada

Season Gallery • Sail to Byzantine, La Haie, Holland

1982 Société Interart • Moth & Water monument, Mtl, Canada

Westmount Public Library • Graphic works, Mtl, Canada

Galerie Lavrov-Tannenbaum • Landing Angle, To, Canada

1983 Galerie Mateus • Water Monument, Mtl, Canada

Pavillon du Québec • Water Monument, Mtl, Canada

Galerie Catherine Bournival • Les deux univers de Andrew Lui, Mtl, Canada

1984 Galerie Port Maurice • Thirteen ways of looking at the black bird, Mtl, Canada

Galerie Lavrov• Landing Angle, Paris, France

1985 Galerie Convergence • Thirteen ways of looking at the black bird, Mtl, Canada

1987 T R Rogers Gallery • The Falling of Horseman, New York Art Expo

Galerie Taifer Cote-Burnham• The Falling of Horseman, Mtl, Canada

Anna Issac Gallery• The Falling of Horseman, Beverley Hills, USA

Michael Liu Art Centre• The Falling of Horseman, Santa Monica, USA

Neo Faber Gallery • The Falling of Horseman, To, Canada

1988 Neo Faber Gallery • Ten Year Retrospective Exhibition, To, Canada

1990 Anna Issac Gallery • Black Knight, Beverley Hills, USA

Neo Faber Gallery • The Children of the Republic, To, Canada

Galerie Jean Renoir • Journey, Mtl, Canada

1991 Sing Tao Newspaper Gallery • Knight (Zhu Lan co-expo,) To, Canada

Galerie d’Arts Contemporains •Tête métaphysique, Mtl, Canada

1992 Galerie d’Arts Contemporains • Knight, Mtl, Canada

1999 Han Art Contemporain •Tête métaphysique, Mtl, Canada

2000 Han Art Contemporain •Crusade, Mtl, Canada

2001 Han Art Contemporain •Pythias, Mtl, Canada

Prince Arthur Gallery •Pythias (Zhu Lan co-expo,) To, Canada

2002 Han Art Contemporain • Profile Assimulated, Mtl, Canada

Gallery DeNovo • Profile Assimulated, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

2003 Han Art Contemporain •Tête métaphysique, Mtl, Canada

Gallery DeNovo •Tête métaphysique, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

2004 Han Art Contemporain •Quo Vadis, Mtl, Canada

Gallery DeNovo •Quo Vadis, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

2005 Han Art • Pilgrim Progress I, Westmount, QC, Canada

Gallery DeNovo • Pilgrim Progress, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

Hayes George Gallery • Pilgrim Progress, Charlotte, NC, USA

Art Beatus • Pilgrim Progress, Hong Kong

2006 Han Art •Pilgrim Progress II, Westmount, QC, Canada

Gallery DeNovo, “Duologue,” Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

2009 Gallery DeNovo, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

Oeno Gallery, Bloomfield, On, Canada

Selected Collective Shows

1975 Harbourfront Gallery, To, Canada

Gallery 76, To, Canada

1976 Meriman Gallery, Figlina Valdarno, Italy

1977 University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, USA

1978 Salon des Metiers d’Arts, Mtl, Canada

D’Arte Fiore de Bologna, Bologna, Italy

1979 Musée du Québec, QC, Canada

Galerie au Pond de la Cour, Paris, France

Toronto International Art Fair, To, Canada

1981 Traveling Expo •Print & Plate, Mtl & QC & Calgary

Galerie Lavalin, Boston, USA,Tokyo, Japan

L’Ecole Royale des Beaux Arts, Bruxelles, Belgium

George Loranger Gallery,To, Canada

Galerie Jordan, Mtl, Canada

Gallery Eighties, To, Canada

1982 Kensington Art Gallery, Calgary, USA

1983 Toronto International Art Fair, To, Canada

Salon des Galeries d’Arts, Mtl, Canada

1984 Salon des Galeries d’Arts, Mtl, Canada

Basel Art 84, Basel, Belgium

1985 Salon des Galeries d’Arts, Mtl, Canada

1986 Galerie de UQAM, Mtl, Canada

TD International Art Competition, To, Canada

Total University, Seoul, Korea

1987 Total Gallery, To, Canada

1988 New York Art Expo, New York, USA

LA Art Expo, LA, USA

Galerie Espace, Mtl, Canada

1991 Galerie d’Arts Contemporains, Mtl, Canada

1999 G. Wals Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany

Maldach Gallery, Budapest, Hungry

Düsseldorf Art Fair, Düsseldorf, Germany

2002-04 Galley DeNovo, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

2003 Vieux Presbytére, St. Bruno, QC

Han Art Contemporain, Mtl, Canada

2005 Galerie Les Modernes, Mtl, Canada

2007 Art Miami, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

ArtDC, Washington DC, USA

Honk Kong Jockey Club - Art Beatus, Hong Kong

Friesen Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2009 Art Santa Fe - Hillcrest Galleries, New Mexico USA

2010 Denovo Gallery. Seattle Washington, USA

2010-2011 Art Chicago - DeNovo Gallery, Illinois, USA

2013 Shanghai Art Fair - Halcyon Jade Gallery, Shanghai China

2004 - 2013 Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF,) To, Canada

Public Art / Mural / Monument Art Projects

· Palaid de Congress • Fountain, Mtl, Canada

· China Town Montréal • Nine Songs • Low Relief, Mtl, Canada

· China Town Montréal • Ceremonial Gateway, Mtl, Canada

· Grant Ballet du Canadien • Production of Ballet • 1984, Mtl, Canada

· National Assembly of Alberta • Outdoor Sculpture, Edmonton, Canada

· Hot and Spicy • Mural & the others, Montréal, Canada

· Les Chinois • Mural & the others, Montréal, Canada

· H.B. Centre • Low Relief, Denver, USA

· Aquilini Tower • Mural & the others, Montréal, Canada

· Bonsai Garden‧Botanical Garden •Calligraphy, Montréal, Canada

· Department of Financial Service of Montréal • Memorial Column, Montréal, Canada

Chinese Hospital of Montréal • Wood Carving Panel, Montréal, Canada

· Galerie de Ile Mille • Soft Sculpture, Rosemère, Canada

· Galerie St. Eustache • Soft Sculpture, St. Eustache, Canada

· Galerie St. Hyacinthe • Soft Sculpture, St. Hyacinthe, Canada

· Y.W.C.A Montréal • Mural, Montréal, Canada

· HSBC Bank • Mural & the others, Montréal, Canada

· Hotel La Shangri-La • Decorative Mural & the others, Montréal, Canada

· Hotel de la Montagne • Decorative Mural & the others, Montréal, Canada

· Hotel la Citadell • Decorative Mural & the others, Montréal, Canada

· Hotel Lord Berri• Decorative Mural & the others, Montréal, Canada

· Hotel Garden on the Gulf • Decorative Mural & the others, Summerville, PEI, Canada

· Hotel Chateau Mont Ste Anne • Decorative Art & the others, Mont Ste Anne, Canada

Public Collections

· Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montréal, Canada

· Musée de Québec, Québec, Canada

· Musée de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Québec

· Musée de Dijon, Dijon, France

· Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada

· L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, Bruxelles, Belgium

· Pallazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy

· Rodman Hall Art Centre, Ste-Catherine, Montréal

· Grimsby Art Gallery, Grimsby, Ontario

· McLaughlin Art Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario

· Art Gallery of Stratford (Ontario,) Stratford, Ontario, Ca

· Couberg Art Gallery, Couberg, Ontario

· Ville de Montréal, Montréal, Canada

· Hunter College, New York, USA

· Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C

· Washington State University, Seattle, USA

· University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

· Jardin Botanique du Montréal, Montréal, Canada

· National Library, Munich, Germany

Riden Hall, Collection of the Governor General of Canada, Ottowa

Le Citadel, Collection of the Governor Gerneral of Canada, QC

Anni SW Wong Foundation, Hk

Hopital Maisonneuve - Rosemont, Montreal

Corporate Collections

· Bioxalis Medica, Montréal, Canada

· Ogilvy Renault Lawyers, Montréal, Canada

· Lise Watier Inc., Montréal, Canada

· Frank & Wania Chemical, Toronto, Canada

· Security Biometric, Montréal, Canada

· ASC Inc., Montréal, Canada

· ISA, Montréal, Canada

· Glaskaster International, Budapest & Stuttgart

· Mirebeau Bank, Switzerland

· First Equity A.G., Zurich, Switzerland

· Jill Vogel Inc., Pebble Beach, California

· North West Power Corporation, Seattle, USA

· Morgan Stanley, San Francisco, USA

· Monit Enterprise, Montréal, Canada

· Mont Royal Conference Centre, Montréal, Canada

· Michel Panzini Architect, Montréal, Canada

· William Hays Architect, Sun Vallery, ID, USA

· Brian Elsden Barrows Architect, Montréal, Canada

· Labofarm Inc., Montréal, Canada

· Singdao Newspaper, Hong Kong & Toronto

· Mondo, Turino, Italy & Montréal

· Cetis Capital, Montréal, Canada

· Multican Realties, Montréal, Canada

· Chalette Trego 30 miles Resort, Lakewood, Colorado

· Prudential, New York, USA

· Aquilini Investment Group, Montréal, Canada

· Belcourt Development Group, Montréal, Canada

· Bow Valley Industries, Calgary, USA

· Canadian Commercial & Industrial Bank, Edmonton, Alberta

· C W Bank, Vienna, Austria

· Darier Hetsch (Canada) Inc, Montréal, Canada

· General Footwear, Montréal, Canada

· George Scott Inc, West Palm Beach, USA

· Harley Inc / Guildan Inc., Montréal, Canada

· HSBC of Canada, Montréal, Canada

· Hot & Spicy Inc, Montréal, Canada

· Hotel la Citadelle, Montréal, Canada

· Hotel de la Montagne, Montréal, Canada

· Hotel Lord Berri, Montréal, Canada

· Hotel Shangri La, Montréal, Canada

· Kreisparkasse, Calw, Germany

· Lavalin Collection, Montréal, Canada

· Montréal Chinese Hospital, Montréal, Canada

· Nova Corp, Calgary, USA

· Prudential Insurance, Toronto , Canada

· PT Lincoln Corporation, Jakarta, Indonesia

· Shiga Holding Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

· Singapore Harilea Hotel, Singapore

· Sun Life Insurance, Toronto, Canada

· Surentec, Montréal, Canada

· Tai Fong International Ltd, Toronto, Canada

· Thorne Ernst & Whitney, Toronto, Canada

· Tissa Systems Ltd, Toronto, Canada

· Univic Development Consultants, Taichung, Taiwan

· Vermont ETV, Burlington, USA

· Esprit, Shanghai, China

· Citic.China / Southeast Resources Corp, Zhu Hai, China

William Hays Architectural, Design & Management Inc, Ketchum, Idaho, USA

· Lake & Forest Bank, Chicago, USA


· HP, Boise, ID, USA

· Lumigem, Montréal, Canada

· Bank of America, Charlotte, NC, USA

- S. Desmarais, France

- L. St Clair, Toronto


· A bird with unique breast, 1974, Woodcut‧Poem by Andrew Lui

· Graphic works of Andrew Lui, 1978, Text by M.B.Weinmamn

· Profil du soleil noir, 1981, Woodcut‧Poem by M.B.Weinmamn

· Thirteen ways of looking at the black bird, 1983, Poem of Wallace Stevens

· Les deux univers de Andrew Lui, 1985, Text by Dr. J.P.DuQuette

· Sail to Byzantine, 1987, Text by Eric Devlin

Selected work of Andrew Lui 2002-2005, 2005, Text by Michael Carpenter

· The Pilgrim Progress, 2005, Text by Bernard Levy & Andrew Lui


· Le fleuve et Lui, 1979-80 Blue Cloud Production & Concordia University & Loyola College

Co-production‧Montréal, Director:Alec Macleod


· Le Condition humaine, 1983, Pavillon Canada‧World Expo‧Montréal

· Recent work of Chueng Shuk Fung, 1988, Hong Kong Art Centre‧Hong kong

· Man & Space, 1988, Michael Liu Art Centre‧Santa Monica‧California

· Sciami‧Bruno Ceccobelli, 1991, Han Art Contemporain

· The Malta Project by András Márkos, 1995, National Museum of Fine Art‧Valletta‧Malta

Nicolaus on Clemente, 1997, Han Art Contemporain‧Montréal & AAA‧NY

· Star Fields‧Michael Flomen, 1997, Han Art Contemporain

· Rising‧Michel Flomen, 1997, Ricco / Maresca Gallery New York

· Homage to Matisse, 1997, Han Art Contemporain

· Trou Noir, 1998, Montréal Biennial‧Montréal

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· Italian Trans-Avant-Guard‧Painting & Sculpture, 1999, Han Art Contemporain Montréal

· L′Esprit de ligne, 1999, Han Art Contemporain‧Montréal

· Dove non mettere né mani né piedi‧Roberto Barni, 2000, Ville de Siena Italy

· Tête métaphysique et autre images, 2000, Four Season Hotel & Han Art Contemporain‧Mtl

· Review of Chinese contemporary art, 2000, Choppo Museum of Art, Mexico City

Segments An exhibition of the Canadian art of a new century, 2001, Mestna City Art Museum‧Ljubljana‧Sloveni

Segments An exhibition of the Canadian art of a new century, 2001, Da Lian Fine Art Museum

· Celebration of Humanity‧Portraiture, 2000, Four Season Hotel Montréal

· Millenium‧Contemporary paintings of Québec, 2000, Four Season Hotel Montréal

· Macrocosm & Microcosm, 2003, Han Art Contemporain

· Enchantement & Disenchantement, 2004, Han Art Contemporain

· Legitimacy of Poem, 2004, Toronto International Art Fair 2004 (TIAF)

· Being timelessness as it is to time, 2005, Galerie Han Art‧Montréal