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Amy Modahl

The home tells stories. The arrangement of furniture, stacked objects, negative spaces, worn floors, hard shapes, and soft cloth speak viscerally layering present and past experience. In this current body of paintings, I record and respond materially in graphite, ink, pastel, and oil on wood, canvas, or found paper.

In recent years, I’ve worked with paint, print, drawing, performance, and stop-motion animation to investigate the vocabulary of space, visual-translation, and human and material gesture. I often consider whether words affect perception, pointing speakers to some observations and experiences. Thus, I attempt to reach beyond words with repetition and slow visual and tactile contemplation where material and ground become a physical and visual language giving form to intuitive connection.

My work has shown in several solo and group exhibitions including at the Kelowna Art Gallery, Stride Gallery (Calgary), Vernon Public Art Gallery, and Soo Visual Art Center (Minneapolis, MN), and the Alternator Centre (Kelowna). I hold an Interdisciplinary MFA in Visual Art from the University of British Columbia, Kelowna, an MA in Applied Linguistics from Northern Arizona University, and a BA in Fine Art, Art History, & Spanish from St. Cloud State in Minnesota.